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Are you trying to get Firefox Focus for PC and Windows? Then you’ve found just the right guide!

Is Firefox Focus Available For PC -Windows?

Unfortunately for a lot of users, the Firefox Focus browser isn’t available for laptops, or even desktop computers. However, there are a few things you can do to get the application installed safely to your computer. In order to download Firefox Focus for PC you simply have to follow our helpful guide!

How Do I Download Firefox Focus On My PC?

There are a few things that you should take into account before you download Firefox Focus for Windows on PC. All in all, the first factor you should take into consideration is the need for an Android emulator. This type of program lets your computer operate as if it were an Android smartphone.

Secondly, you should keep in mind that you will not be downloading the application directly to your computer. Therefore, in order to run Firefox Focus, you will have to do so through the emulator.

Steps To Download Firefox Focus For PC, Windows

There are several Android emulators that are free online. However, for this tutorial on how to download Firefox Focus, BlueStacks will be used. Click here to find out how to download BlueStacks to your computer.

Here are the steps to Download Firefox Focus for PC:

  • Step 1: Download the BlueStacks App to your computer.
  • Step 2: Open and run BlueStacks.
  • Step 3: Click and open Google Play Store within the BlueStacks Program. (This will already be an extension within the emulator application).
  • Step 4: Log into your Google ID account within the Google Play Store.
  • Step 5: Click on the Search tab within the Play Store.
  • Step 6: Search for Firefox Focus and hit enter.
  • Step 7: Click the Download Option. Then wait as Firefox Focus downloads.
  • Step 8: Once the download is complete, select the Firefox Focus App, and choose Install.
  • Step 9: Open Firefox Focus for Windows once the installation process is complete.
  • Step 10: Begin browsing at faster speeds, with more privacy!
screenshot firefox focus

That’s really all it takes! You can also use the emulator to download other Firefox browsers. Click here to read more about Firefox Nightly. All in all, using the emulator to enhance your privacy and download Firefox Focus is very easily done.

Why Use Firefox Focus on PC or Laptop?

Firefox Focus is an open-source browser from Mozilla that is centered around privacy. Not only can you surf the web without trackers, but you can also use this browser to block ads. If you are trying to be more privacy-conscious, then you should use Firefox Focus for Windows.

Firefox Focus for PC

Firefox Focus For PC Without An Emulator

If you’re not in the market to download an Android emulator and have access to thousands of Android apps, there are other options. You can use the normal Firefox by Mozilla browser on your computer, then configure it to behave differently in the settings. This means you always run Firefox in private mode, as well as turn on tracking protection.

Go to your settings menu of your Firefox browser. There you can change your privacy settings, as well as your tracking settings. However, this is not the same as Focus. Therefore, you will always have to change those settings and manipulate the tracking protection to be certain your information is being protected.

Firefox Focus For PC Alternatives


In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about Firefox Focus for PC and their answers. Topics include tracker blockers, browser releases, as well as automatic blocking and more. Read on to see if you have a question that already has an answer!

Are trackers for the app for each website, or even for each individual use?

Tracker blockers are for each individual website you visit. You can see on the Firefox Focus menu that it tells you the number trackers were blocked for each website.

Are there certain issues I should be aware of when using Firefox Focus?

There are some issues within Firefox Focus for PC, as well as on Android, where you can’t access full-screen videos and playback. Mozilla is currently resolving this issue.

Why doesn’t Mozilla release a browser like Firefox Focus for PC and Windows?

Mozilla is currently working on software for PC and Windows. They have released statements that they will try to bring Firefox Focus to PC and other computer operating systems. However, they have yet to set a date of that release or make a solid commitment.

Is there anything that is blocked automatically that shouldn’t be blocked?

While searching using Firefox Focus, you may notice that certain sites that use dialog windows, as well as other chat support features, may not work within the browser. Furthermore, Mozilla is currently working on a solution to rectify this issue.

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