Betternet for PC, Laptop (Windows 10 – Mac)

Betternet VPN for PC. It is a free tool for VPN proxy. This application masks and changes the IP address of the device. It encrypts internet traffic and turns Public WiFi Hotspot into a private network. In this way, you can access blocked content on the internet safely and anonymously.

Betternet for PC

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VPN and Tor Proxy

Basically, VPN works same as Tor Proxy. Just like Tor Proxy, you can bypass internet censorship and hide IP address. It bypasses geo-restriction and let you access your desired content on the internet. But VPN (Virtual Private Network) is faster than Tor. Moreover, VPN gives better privacy and security as compare to Tor Proxy.

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Open any Block with Secure Connection

Betternet removes all firewalls and bypasses geographical restrictions from the internet connection. Some websites and apps are blocked in a country by Government or Internet Service Provider due to any reason. But if you want to unblock those apps or sites then Betternet is the best option. It includes many fast proxy servers. It automatically connects the device with the nearest and best proxy server.

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Features of Betternet VPN

  • It let you do Incognito Browsing. It doesn’t matter which browser you are using. Just turn it on and access anything you want to. Your Internet traffic is encrypted completely. No one can see your activities as you are connected as anonymous.
  • You can also use it as WiFi Safety. As your device is connected to VPN and it is encrypted. Now it doesn’t matter on whatever public WiFi hotspot you are connected. Your internet is highly protected and shielded from theft fear of public WiFi.
  • Betternet VPN is a Location Spoofer. It hides the IP address of the device. In this way, no one can trace your online activities. You can access the world of internet with full freedom. Now Open any app or website.

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